Airstream Glamping in Ojai


I’m a glamper. I love the outdoors but I want to be comfortable (even if my husband disagrees and thinks the discomfort is an important part of the experience).

If you’re a glamper like me, the Caravan Outpost in neighboring Ojai is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This inventive hotel hosts their guests in a Oregon Trail-esque circlet of airstreams. Each airstream comes with its own outdoor lounge space as well as privacy landscaping. The rest of the property is designed for mingling, with picnic tables, boho furniture and wool blankets (perfect for that Ojai selfie). You’ll get all the amenities you need (think showers and hot water) as well as all the camping nostalgia you want (s’more’s, wool blankets and woodsmoke). Plus it’s located close to downtown Ojai, a quick drive or bike ride to nearby restaurants, bars and night life.


Credits: Written and Photographed by Jen Bogan

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